WeCellTrade FAQ About Us

WeCellTrade.com is a service that buys your used electronics online. We provide our customers with an easy way to sell their unwanted electronics without the hassle and risks associated with auctions.

We understand that you might feel uneasy about sending us your item(s). However, here at WeCellTrade, nothing matters more to us than providing a phenomenal experience while creating customer value and building a relationship of trust with our customers. Rest assured that WeCellTrade understands and acknowledges the trust our customers put into our business. We continuously strive to ensure that we deliver to our customers securely and in a timely manner. These actions are taken understanding the time invested into the development, organization and entrepreneurship of this website and are focused to ensure it is both user friendly and offers top dollar for your electronics: it would be a bad business decision on our part not to honor our promise and your trust.

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We do not need your SIM card in order to evaluate your item. Please remove your SIM card prior to sending us the phone. If you forget, don’t worry, we will dispose of your SIM card during our evaluation of your phone.

WeCellTrade FAQ Evaluation Process

The electronics are evaluated via multiple steps. The first is making sure that the model you have selected is accurate compared to the device delivered. We assess the physical condition of the item(s) to see if the category you selected matches its description. We look for scratches, dents, etc. We also look to see if the item(s) is real or counterfeit, as well as if there was any tampering to the device. Your item(s) is then checked for water damage and the battery life is also tested. Lastly, we look to make sure that all passwords are removed so we can reset the phone and wipe out all personal information. If your assessment was accurate, we will send you the money in the method selected. If not, we will offer you a new price, which you can accept, or ask for your item(s) back. Rest assured, at WeCellTrade, we will always give you the most value for your item.
We do not need your SIM card in order to evaluate your item. Please remove your SIM card prior to sending us the phone. If you forget, don’t worry, we will dispose of your SIM card during our evaluation of your phone.
A phone that is “unlocked” is one that is not associated to a carrier. As we do offer more money for phones that are “unlocked”, you can ask your carrier to unlock your phone for you and then submit it as an “unlocked” phone. You would have to reach out to your carrier to see if they can unlock the phone for you.
In the event that you do not agree with the evaluation of your phone, you can ask for a reinspection where a fresh pair of eyes will evaluate your phone and see if they agree with the evaluation that was done already or if they can increase the offer amount. After reinspection and you still do not agree with the evaluation, we will ship back your phone to you free of charge.

WeCellTrade FAQ About Selling

No problem, just select a condition that you feel is accurate. Once we receive your item(s), we will evaluate it and adjust the offer accordingly.

Please note that the final offer price could end up being higher or lower. If it’s lower, we will provide a detailed email regarding the adjustment and you would then have 3 days to accept the offer. If you do not respond within the 3 day time period, we will assume you have accepted the offer and will initiate the payment to be processed.

No. At the present, we do not accept shipments from outside of the United States.
No. There is no limit, you can sell as many items as you want. However, for bulk sales (10 or more items), please contact us first before creating an offer. All bulk sales are subject to final approval and may be cancelled for any reason whatsoever as deemed necessary.
Yes. We personally see to it that every item that comes into our office is wiped of all data per R2 standards.
Most items have their model number provided in the “About” area of the device’s settings. This information may also be found with your previous cellular carrier and is commonly provided when requested
Depending on which item you have selected, you may have the option of selecting the accessories that you are including with your package. If you choose not to include any accessories, you do not need to send any accessories in. If you select headphones for example, we will expect to see a pair of headphones. For any items in the “New” condition, we expect all accessories to be included as we pay a premium for these items.

WeCellTrade will purchase any used electronic in any condition. If you can not find your specific model on our website, please contact us at buy@wecelltrade.com and we will provide you a quote within 24 hours. Here are some of our popular categories:

Sell My Phone

Sell My Tablet

Sell My Smartwatch

Trade In MacBook

Sell My Mac

Sell My Game Console

Sell My iPod

Sell My Headphones

Sell Other Electronics

WeCellTrade FAQ About Shipping

The price WeCellTrade has quoted you is valid for TWENTY-EIGHT (28) days. If we receive your item AFTER TWENTY-EIGHT (28) days, WeCellTrade shall re-evaluate your item and price it at the CURRENT market value.

Once you accept an offer and during the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to select your shipping carrier: FedEx or UPS. Please print out the shipping label and follow the instructions on the label. Once your package is ready to ship, please drop it off at the nearest FedEx or UPS location.
We will provide you with a prepaid and trackable shipping label via FedEx or UPS, that you can easily print out. Delivery Confirmation is included with the label, so you can verify that the item successfully arrived at our location. We will also email you when we receive your package. If you want to get all updates on your package, it is crucial that you provide us with the correct email address and check it so that you can receive our updates on the process.

That’s okay. FedEx or UPS will charge us for the difference in weight if there is any.

All items are insured against accidental damage whilst in transit from your FedEx or UPS drop-off for up to $100. If you’d like to fully insure your package, you can purchase our shipping insurance to cover the full value of your offer, during checkout, for a fee. Please note that WeCellTrade will not be held liable for any damages incurred due to inadequate packaging.

No, we do not offer expedited shipping service. But to receive the fastest service: please use FedEx or UPS for shipping, and PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp for payment. The total process should not take longer than 6 business days. 

Please be sure to have your offer number ready so that our representative can locate the appropriate shipping label and send it to you as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your item(s) are fully secure when you ship them. If you ship using our prepaid shipping labels, all packages are insured up to $100. If a package is received and looks to have been damaged due to mishandling, we will claim insurance for that package. However, if the box is secure and does not look as though anything happened during transit and the item inside was not secure, we will offer you an amount based off the condition we receive the phone in.